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This is the first step in completing your Writing to Fill a Need Project. In order to conduct a good project, you first need to know what the problems/issues (needs) are related to the company/organization that you are working with, and you need to know as much as you can about the audience, who will be served/affected by the documents you will create. In order to gather that information, you will do some research, and then write a White Paper about your findings.

Audience: Our class

Purpose: To learn about and analyze the problems/issues that need to be addressed for your Writing to Fill a Need Portfolio, and to learn about and analyze the audience for the project.

Length: Approximately 2 pages single-spaced

Format: Memo format (see examples).

You may not be familiar with what a White Paper is. You've probably done this type of exercise before, but never thought about it in this way. Listed below are some sites that will explain what a White Paper is, and examples of White Papers related to conducting usability research.

how to write a white paper

What should you include in your White Paper. I would suggest that you cover this basic information:

Remember, you are basically presenting the information at this point and not trying to solve the problems yet. Gathering this information will help you to better address the problems/needs/issues and to create documents that will benefit the audience.

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