As you work on your White Paper, we will put together updates to share with the class. You do not have to have the White Paper completed to do an update. The purpose of sharing and update is to let us know where you are at this point. You should have something of substance to share, however. Just saying you are still looking/thinking/whatever is more telling us you are procrastinating. These updates are meant to be low stakes writing that will help you get to the final produce (process, you know).

First Update

You will present your information as an Infographic. You can go to or or or find an alternative tool. (There are many.)

Audience - Our class

Here is an example of an inforgraphic:

Very important: You must list the sources (including images/pics, etc.) for all material you use, unless it is something you made/wrote yourself. Use APA formatting. If you need help with that you can go to the Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Here's another useful resource on using images

Second Update

This time you will present the information as a screencast. There are several screencast programs available. Here's a link talking about screencasts And here's an example of a screencast I created for a class using Camtasia You can get a free trial for the Camtasia program. Your computer may have a screen capture feature so you can look for that. Movie Maker might be an option but I have never used it for this. Here are links for tutorials that might help with Movie Maker.

Remember to cite all of your sources (even images) and us APA formatting.

Third Update

Present your info as a Slidecast, which is basically a Power Point type of presentation but with audio added.

  • Before you begin, study the info at These types of presentations can be done very badly.
  • You have to have audio, which means what you have in the slide show will help to supplement what you are saying. As the info in the link above points out, your slides are not meant to include every last word of your message. (Head phones are a good option for audio sometimes.)

Remember to cite all of your sources (even images) and us APA formatting.