Nov. 3

  • About me
  • Kinds of grants/proposals
  • Organizational strategies to fit readers’ expectations for the document - Ch. 1 Sheehan-Johnson
  • Sample Proposal – use structure on pages 4-5
  • Course proposal (email to Dr. G)
  • What you worked on. Progress you made. What you plan to do next. Issues?

Course Proposal - email to Dr. G by Monday, Nov. 7th. Memo format is fine. Talk specifically about what you want to work on each week. For example, for the conference proposal week, what conference would you want to apply for. Give details such as name of conference, when, where, what you would present, why this is a good conference for you, etc. Do this for each week.

Nov. 10
This week we'll discuss Chapter 2 in Sheehan-Johnson. Before class you need to

  • Read
  • Read "Evaluating and Testing as You Revise" by Linda Flower and John Ackerman
  • Write or revise an abstract related to your research. Also make a list of the conventions/rules/expectations for the abstract based on the context. What would the intended audience (say a specific journal you are writing an article for) expect you to include in the abstract? What are the general rules you should follow? What should you try to accomplish in the abstract?

Bring to class

  • An RFP (Request for Proposals) for a grant that you might write to receive funding/support for your research. An RFP generally includes all the info about what the grant focuses on, how to apply, and other guidelines. Another name for this kind of document might also be CFP (Call for Proposals).

In class:

  • Review RFPs?. Make a list of key terms and answer the "What has changed?" question that Sheehan-Johnson discusses. Or why the group is giving out money. What do they want to happen?
  • Review abstracts looking for areas where writer-based prose can be turned into reader-based prose.

Nov. 17
This week we'll discuss Visual design, how to deliver a professional package. Before class:

  • Read Chapter 10 Sheehan-Johnson
  • Bring a copy of your Research Proposal or note on your ideas for your proposal
  • Workshop 3rd chapter
  • Asking for feedback from reviewers

Nov. 24

Dec. 1

  • Grant proposal

Dec. 8

Dec. 15

  • Another draft of one proposal

Jan. 5

  • Present final products