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Current Issues in WAC* (2009)


* Writing Across the Curriculum or (WAC) is a pedagogy that originated in the 1970s (because of the changing demographics and curriculums in higher education caused by open admissions) that emphasizes the ability to write fluently in the many different content areas of academia as well as an understanding of why each academic content area has its specific way of communication through writing.

Essential Resources

The WAC Clearinghouse supports "scholarly exchange about communication across the curriculum" and works with the International Network of Writing Across the Curriculum Programs to publish "journals, books, and other resources for teachers who use writing in their courses."

The International Network of Writing Across the Curriculum (INWAC) is an informal group of teachers, researchers, and institutions that provides a number of resources for those interested in learning more about WAC; these include an online forum, access to new and previously-published books and articles, a database of member-authored information about activities, projects and programs at sites around the world, and annual meetings at which members can come together to discuss and share concerns and practices regarding WAC.

An Overview of WAC in the Composition Classroom is an overview that I compiled to provide composition teachers with a summary of how and why WAC might be implemented by composition teachers in the composition classroom.


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