One of the most important things for writing teachers is the feedback we provide -- the conversations we have with writers to help them with their writing projects. We will talk a lot about writing conversations, and this activity will give us an opportunity to practice ways to have writing conversations.


  • You will complete writing feedback once a week for the first four weeks (4 total)
  • Choose one student for each week. You can give feedback to the same student over and over, or you can choose a different student.
  • I will provide feedback for 3-4 classmates each week
  • The feedback will be due end of day Sunday at the end of each week
  • Approximately 2 pages single spaced

What to include in the conversation

  • First review all of the writing the classmate has posted for that week
  • Provide feedback as if you were directly speaking to the classmate. Respond individually to each writing the student has posted, and then provide an overall statement as to where you think the student is and what you would recommend to work on next
  • For the second part, explain your thinking for why you are providing the feedback, and how you are presenting the feedback. Your explanations should speak directly to the info in our course texts and our class discussions. Be very specific as to what you are referring to and how you are using that info, as well as why.

Very Important

  • I will not use your feedback to evaluate the work of the classmate you are providing feedback for.
  • The feedback will be used to evaluate your understanding of and practice with doing feedback


  • Thoroughness - Did you talk about all of the writing for the week?
  • Application - Are you incorporating concepts we are learning in the class about writing, and responding to writers?
  • Usefulness - Is the feedback useful to the writer? Have you provided specific and overall feedback that will help guide the writer in the next step of the writing process?

Possible Things to Talk About

  • What kind of writing
  • Low Stakes, High Stakes
  • Writer Based / Reader Based
  • Interactive
  • Interesting ideas
  • Questioning - Clarify, ask for more info
  • Continue the discussion