What experiences has you had related to social media that can help you present yourself as someone with experience writing for social media? Read Chapter 9 in Kilian and choose subsection 1, 2 or 3 to write about. Talk about the topic from your personal perspective, experiences you have had related to the topic. For example, if you pick number 3 "Writing for LinkedIn, you could talk about your experience using that platform. Here are some things you might write about:

  • When and why did you start using LinkedIn?
  • Have you seen any results?
  • Have you thought about posting samples of your work/your writing as part of your profile?
  • Have you applied for a job where you were able to link to your profile as part of the process?
  • Do you have any words of wisdom on do's and don'ts for using LinkedIn?

And so on. These are just ideas, so make your post about what you know, what you have learned, etc.

For the last section of the chapter, Section 4, find some type of information related to ethics and writing for social media. Tell your reader about the source (what kind of source, where you found it, why you chose it, etc.) and provide a brief summary of the most important points in the source. This way we are building a resource about ethics that will be useful to the entire class.