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SGarza: WritingToFillANeed

This portfolio will give you the opportunity to make a real difference as you will engage in a service-learning project that will fill a real need. You will choose a client to work with for this project, and part of the evaluation of this project will come from feedback received from the client, as that will be your real audience. For the client that you choose to work with, please provide the following information:

I will contact the client to gather feedback related to your work with them on the project. This will not be the only factor in determining your final grade, but it will be considered in determing your grade.

Why Service-Learning - A Note from Dr. G about why she uses this approach. - A website used by all of the Technical Writing teachers that lists projects that folks out in the community would like students to work on. The site may not be current, so please discuss with Dr. G before deciding on a project. - This is where you will post your work.

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