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Now let's get started on our first portfolio!

This portfolio will establish your technology subject for the rest of the work you do in this class. Lets take a moment to conceptualize how we will narrow this down by doing a quick exercise on topics!

Step 1:

  • Lets visit some tech sites and see what we can dig up: Wired, wikipedia's list, HuffPo's tech news. Take some time on your own and write down the points of interest that you come across as you search. You don't need to spend time reading the articles themselves, just jot down on your wiki page key words that pique your curiosity. We won't narrow these down into specific topics and topic angles until much later.

Step 2:

  • Once we have an idea of what's out there, let's see if we can't narrow down our general subject choices. The H2G2 browsing list might help us accomplish this.

Step 3:

  • Now we can start thinking about what groups we want to work in, what topics might fall into the same subject heading, and what subjects we will be exploring for the rest of the semester.
  • You have a long weekend to think about this, and you should take time to be certain that you are comfortable with your subject and that there are several topics within your subject that you could pursue later in the semester. Once you have decided which subject you would like to adopt, you can sign up for it here. I'll make this link available from the student pages, too.

  • Next we need to discuss the other major project for this semester:

Triad K Shared Assignment (TKSA)

  • This project will ask you to examine some part of local history and create an encyclopedic entry about it, which we will compile onto your own unique website for the world to see!
  • This project counts for a percentage of your grade in all 3 Triad classes.
  • For the subject of your entries, I would like you to explore some aspect of your Composition subject, as it relates to local history. For example, if your subject is "engineering," you might explore the need for, design of, and completion of the Harbor Bridge. Some of your subjects may be less obviously linked to the history of Corpus Christi, but we will find a way to creatively investigate!
  • This project is not due until the day of your History final, but you will be turning in a draft of it before then, so don't let it slip away from you! We will continue discussing this project as we proceed, and I will be glad to read early drafts of your projects at any time; take advantage of the resources available to you within our Triad! :)


  • Make sure you have your copy of H2G2
  • Sign up for your subject, once you have decided on one that you like.
    • If too many of you are signing up for the same subject, I may ask a few to choose an alternative; first come, first serve!
  • Explore the news for updates on your subject
    • Keep up to date on whats going on with your subject, so that you have a good idea of how it will work in this portfolio.
  • Make a link on your wiki page for interesting articles that you find.
    • These may serve as your initial research (presearch)!