• How did your research go this weekend?
  • Spend 5-10 minutes freewriting about your experience with researching your topic so far.
    • Did you utilize methods of research that you learned last semester?
    • Are your citations from credible sources?
    • Did you find anything from popular sources that could lead you to further investigations or that helped you narrow your topic?


  • Individually, make a list of the sources you've found so far.
    • Along with the sources, list where you found them and what kind of publication they are from (website, journal, magazine, newspaper, etc.).
    • Write down why you feel this source is valuable to your project.
  • Next, get into your facilitation groups and compare notes.
    • Do you have information that links ideas?
    • Can your individual investigations help your group with places to search for their own topic information? For example, if you found something in a journal, would that journal be worthwhile for searching for other articles for your group?
    • Are you able to explain what your sources mean to your groupmates?
  • Finally, I will ask you create a list of possible leads for your group.
    • I will make a link to your group where you can post useful information that you want to share with each other.
    • The group list (along with your topics) can now be found at the top of our class plan list.

P2 Rubric

Let's take the rest of the class to discuss the portfolio requirements!


  • Continue your research, using the information from today's group discussions.
  • Each of you should post at least one helpful link to your group's page before class on Wednesday!