• Pathos freewrite

there was a time when I used pathos to get my mom to not punish me. And when I decided to go to Autsin to see a concert with some firends of mine, I purposely didn't tell her I was going to go. the concert was on the weekend before classes started and when i left i made sure that i had an excuse to leave so that i could get out of town without her knowing about it. i know this was wrong, but i wanted very badly to see this show and i knew that if i asked directly i would be told not to go, after all, i was 15, turning 16 and my mom was not ok with me going out of town on my own yet, whihch, in retrospect, makes a lot of sense! we got to austin and went jumping off of a cliff into lake travis, which would have given my mom a heart attack since she didnt even know we were gone yet...anyway , the pathos part was that i told my mom that my 16th birthday, which was that weekend, deserved an epic trip