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in the triangle text, there is a big part of the story that revolves around the idea of massive immigration. The fact that this was a period when more immigrantas came to the US than at any other point in history demonstrates the idea that immigrants played a huge role. in contrast to this, paradxically even, the role of immigrants in the workforce in this time is one of exploitation and mistreatment. many of them suffered horrible injuries and even death, while strikes and protests often failed to give them recognition for these ultimate sacrifices that were being made. exploitation nearly on the scale of slavery was a mainstream method of employing them and yet more and more were coming to America anyway. Why is this? perehaps because they faced different kinds of persecution in their native lands. The Irish had massive religious persecution and the Jews suffered the same. Italians and Germans faced economic inequality and the Irish also had rampant poverty in the western part of the island. these factors gave them hope that, in spite of brutal conditions in America, they could at least hold onto their diginity while fighting for better treatment. this wasn't always the case, but Drehle shows how it played out as a means of highlighting their importance.