Portfolio 2 Components

According to Lunsford & Ruszkiewicz (2009), an academic argument is a written argument based on research and uses evidence that can be documented. Additionally, an academic argument "makes a clear, and compelling point in a formal, objective and often technical style" (p.367). For our final assignment you will bring together the research you have completed throughout the semester to write an argumentative essay and create a multimodal presentation about your topic. The essay will be completed individually, but the presentations will be in groups of 3-4.

Essay Requirements

The essay will most likely be 5+ pages in length and should be formatted according to APA guidelines. You will also need to include a references page in correct APA format. The essay will be due April 28th on blackboard by 11:59pm. Part of your grade for this assignment will come from participating in an in-class peer-review workshop and attending a conference with me. Please keep the Argumentative Guide and the following key ideas in mind when drafting your essays:

  • What is your claim (thesis)?
  • Think about your audience(s)
  • Consider rhetorical stance and purpose
  • Organization is key
  • Include in-text citations!

Presentation Requirements

For the second part of this assignment you will work in panel groups to create a multimodal presentation which brings together elements from your individual research. The groups will have 3-4 members and will present for approximately 20 minutes in class. Remember to consider style and tone when creating your presentations, and don't forget to rehearse!

Presentations will begin on April 25th and continue on May 2nd, so websites need to be completed by the 25th.

Each website will include your academic arguments, your IG2CS, and your choice of one alternate genre that demonstrates your research. The alternate genre can be your presentation materials for FYRC, if you are accepted, or it can be a creative expression of your research topic (like a poem, a video, a cartoon, a propaganda poster, etc.)