Lets spend the first part of class discussing H2G2...
(Be sure to take notes, so that you can return to this discussion as we go through the semester!)

  • I'll start by asking for individual reactions to the section of the book:
    • Anything especially funny or interesting to you?
    • Anything you thought was completely lame?
    • Did you have any personal connection to the characters?
  • Next, we can use the points that stood out to you to identify how this text works as an effective descriptor of humans, society, technology, and anything else that comes up!
    • Why did Adams choose to write it this way?
    • Why do we interpret things one way or another?
    • What kind of audience might interpret this differently?

A useful article I just found!


  • Log on to your student wiki page
  • This time, write about the connections between Adams' writing and the piece of "good" writing that you selected.
  • Explore similarities, differences, and anything else that comes to your mind.
  • After 15 minutes, we will discuss!


  • Let's quickly go around the room and identify your selected piece of good writing by adding them to this list!
  • Here's the catch:
    • You will be writing your portfolio document in the same genre as your good writing selection!
    • Try to identify the qualities that make your piece a part of the genre that it occupies.


  • Over the weekend, I would like you to start writing an early draft (an outline, brainstorm, or other form of early writing identified in your IGW is great!) of your P1 document.
  • If you don't know what historical context you want to include in your paper, that's OK. You have your genre and technology identified, so you should be able to organize your thoughts around how they might work together! Think back to the articles we read Wednesday and how they incorporated tweets into the narrative!
  • Bring whatever drafting you do (if you do it on your wiki, you can't forget to bring it!) so that we can use it to do some in-class research about the dynamics of your technology as it pertains to your essay :)