• APA vs. Chicago reference list & encyclopedia format discussion (for TKIA)
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  • Incorporating your sources is an important part of this project; don't torpedo your essay by doing it ineffectively! Go back and double check that you have used your quotes effectively:
    • Remember to condense quotations that are too long with ellipses or into paraphrases.
    • Quote the sections that are the most "colorful" (in other words, you couldn't have said them better yourself).
    • Give credit for summaries and paraphrases!! Stay the hell away from plagiarism!
    • Don't "quote plop." This means, don't just make a quote a whole sentence by itself; incorporate it into your sentences.
  • When revising your drafts (after you've got the content where you want it), use this checklist to make your writing clear and concise.
  • details! (title, conclusion, other checklist stuff)
    • Don't forget to come up with a unique title! "Argument Essay" is not the title of your paper!
    • "A conclusion does not simply restate the thesis, but readdresses it in light of the evidence provided." - Purdue OWL
    • Make sure your arguments are clear in your presentation!
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  • Get prepared for your presentations!
  • Visit the FYRC! (Try to support your classmates by attending their times!)
  • Have a great (i.e. productive) weekend! Summer is almost here!!