Today we will be working in your facilitation groups to work out some ideas about what each individual's role will be in the discussion of your technology.

Groups are listed here.

By beginning your research process, you should each be able to narrow your subject down to an identifiable topic within the subject, just as we practiced earlier this semester.

Each group member must find their own topic. Overlap will not be acceptable, because this topic will also need to be incorporated into your Triad K shared assignment, which each of you will complete individually.

I will work with each group today to discuss and brainstorm possible topics within your group's subject.


  • Bring to class on Monday the beginnings of your working bibliography. This should include at least three academically credibile sources cited in APA style.
  • Along with your bibliography, write a paragraph for me describing the specific topic that you are going to investigate. Remember that each of you should have a clearly independent topic within your facilitation subject. Make sure I get that from your paragraph.