Facilitation Sign-Up

  • The first order of business today is to decide which groups will be facilitating their projects when!
    • Because most people probably would like the extra time to prepare, I would like to have volunteers for Wednesday.
    • If no one offers to go first, we'll draw numbers to determine the order.

Peer Review

  • The rest of the class time we will be peer reviewing your wiki projects.
    • You'll probably want to peer review within your facilitation groups in order to develop a better idea of how you want to organize your facilitation. You are not required to use your wiki project to help facilitate your discussion, but you will want to get an idea of what information your group members are planning to discuss so that you can develop an overall assessment of the importance of your larger group topic.
    • Each group will need to present a brief explanation of the group topic before discussing their individual subjects. You may want to create this description on your group wiki link today, while you are working together!