video? KSmith


  • 5-10 minute freewrite, based on the video.
    • Start by answering the question, "Who is my audience?"
    • Consider who would benefit most from this project and why it is significant.
    • Focus on the significance that you hope to demonstrate in your scenario.

Are You Prepared For Your Audience?

  • Now you will create a "reaction email"!
    • Create a space on your wiki or in a new document for a short piece. This doesn't have to be long, but we have the rest of the class, so give it some thought!!
    • Write to yourself a formal email from a member of your "audience".
    • Assume that this person has read your final draft (even if you're not very close to "finalizing", your concept should be well formulated).
    • Consider the "significance" of your piece and how that translates to your intended audience.
    • Be sure to include details that explain why your audience has the particular reaction they do.
    • Remember to address the author (yourself) and offer praise or criticism. Remember that any bias in your piece may or may not be intentional. If you think your piece might be misconstrued by someone, you can explore that possibility in this email! When we express things in writing, not everyone reacts in the same way!
    • I'll come around to help if you have any questions.


  • Copy and paste from your wiki into an actual email. Send your reaction emails to me (, so that I have an idea of how you perceive the effectiveness of your piece so far.
  • Make sure you have read through chapter 28 of the H2G2!
  • Meet in Rita's room on Friday (CCH116)