Uncivilized Natives

  • The intended audience would be the Native Americans(?) and the white men during that time
  • The intended message is: the white men are trying to influence their culture, ways of life, and education among the "uncivilized" natives.
  • The historical context of this picture is that the white men were trying to allow the native Americans (?) to become accustomed to their ways of life. They wanted them to convert to their religions and beliefs so they could finally be accepted in that day's society.
  • The meaning of this image is to assimilate the indians (Filipinos?) by taking them away from their old traditions and cultures and teaching them the white mans way of life by placing them in special schools that would convert them. These schools were called "Indian Boarding schools" and were installed in the 1890s under the funding of the government (sean's note: this is a good example to use as a precedent for explaining "the white man's burden," but this image should be connected to imperialism; who does the guy in this image represent?)