• Write today about your understanding of rhetoric. What do you remember from last semester? What techniques of argumentation best apply to your P3 essay?

Detecting Euphemism

In your groups, use the Internet to research one of the following euphemisms:

  1. Soft targets (military euphemism)
  2. Outsourcing (corporate euphemism)
  3. Urban (social/cultural euphemism)
  4. Enemy combatants (legal euphemism)
  5. Physical persuasion (law enforcement / military euphemism)

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does the term/phrase actually mean?
  • Where does it originate?
  • Is the term/phrase more or less neutral than the term it replaced?
  • Find some examples of arguments that make use of the term. Why do you think that the speaker chose that particular phrase rather than some other phrase?
  • Why do you think that the speaker is using the phrase?

Report your findings to the class.

Utilizing Rhetoric

Share your outlines with the rest of your group. Make notes on eachother's outlines that indicate where particular uses of language might be most appropriate. Consider whether euphemisms or emotive language would be useful for arguing particular parts of the topic and make note of them on the outline.


  • Continue to work on your drafts, using the notes you got from your classmates today.
  • Meet in front of the archives in the library on Friday during your scheduled time!