This is a simple little game that involves your name! All you need to play is an internet device (I'll share if you need one) and a willingness to be silly.

  • Enter your full first and last names into the Anagrammer. It may take a minute to give you results; be patient :)
  • Take a minute to figure out which one is your absolute favorite! It doesn't have to be PG, but you're gonna write it on the board, so don't embarrass yourself unless you like that kind of thing.
  • Once everyone has selected a "new name" and written it on the board, I'll use the roster so that we can try to guess who's who!
  • After we have figured out who you are, please tell the class one little thing about yourself (hobbies, favorite stuff like movies, music, sports teams, etc., weird things about you, or anything else you want to let us know!)
  • I will join in the fun once everyone else has played and we can discuss how this actually relates to being in a Learning Community ;)