Take a minute to think about the importance of your paper. Who is your audience and why should they care about your argument? Are you writing this for yourself first, or is there a specific agenda in your research? What do you hope to accomplish with this that you can continue to learn from as you advance in your education? What makes this project valuable?

Making your Argument

Let's think about where you are in your writing so far. At this point, you should have a clear understanding of your topic and a strong idea of what you want to argue in relation to it. So let's take some time to think about how to formulate that in your thesis.

First we want to define "thesis": A thesis is a one or two sentence condensation of the argument that is to follow.

A thesis should follow these important guidelines for strength: clarity, initial presentation, use throughout paper, thoughtfulness, accuracy

Let's discuss these descriptors of a strong thesis and how you can go about making your thesis a strong one.


sign up for conferences:

Apr20 and Apr21 I will pass a sheet around for you to request the time you would like to come. I will resolve conflicting times once I get the sheet back. Make sure you sign up in 15 minute intervals. When you come to your conference, you must bring something for me to read or examine or you will not get credit for the conference!

and mini-conferences:

Apr23 and Apr30 You will be presenting your work at these, so plan to either read your essay or give a demonstration of some of your genre work, or both. Half of you will be on one day and half on the other, that way my other class has the opportunity to present on both days also. Anyone not here today will get whatever's left over. Keep these around 5 minutes so that we can get everyone's done on these two days. Otherwise, we will have to have presentations on the last day of class.

Further Discussion? Questions?

Take the opportunity to ask me about anything you are still struggling with or may need to focus on before we begin presenting next week. Are your genre projects moving along? Are you stalled out on anything and need some advice?


Bring a draft of your essay tomorrow for peer review. We will be spending most of the day on this, so DO NOT come to class with nothing! This is the homestretch; let's get these wrapped up!