• Tomorrow is the last day to drop classes. See me today in my office if you think you might need to drop this class or another part of this triad.
  • Mini-conferences will be held the class days before and after the FYRC. Make sure that you are prepared to present on one of those days if you are not presenting at the FYRC.


Look back over your summary of genre ideas and think about the way that you would like to go about creating a creative expression of your argument. Who is the audience for this genre? Do you have an idea that fits the criteria for a writing genre? What do you need to learn about your genres in order to begin to use them? How might you present a project like this to the class?

Primary Sources

Lets watch this video about primary sources and discuss what we understand from it.

Let's go back and add to your freewrite: What primary sources have you considered as you have done your research? Is your argument best supported by any particular primary source? How might you use a primary source in your research essay?

Prewriting Your Essay

You should have a good idea of how your research discusses your topic. Take a minute to think about the argument you proposed in portfolio 2. Start prewriting your essay by developing your thoughts as they relate to your research; ask yourself:

  • What is my stance on this issue, as it relates to the research I've done?
  • How can I inform my audience about this issue in ways that they have not already been informed?
  • What is the most important thing I want my audience to learn from this essay?

Try to create prewriting that you can use to draft your essay over the weekend. Remember that we essentially have three projects for this portfolio and to budget your time accordingly. Writing a draft or two for your essay before beginning on your creative projects may help you organize your thoughts about how to creatively express your argument. Don't put off the essay until the end!

Genre, one more time

Disclaimer - Some parts of this video might offend some people. Watch at your own risk. If you are easily offended, you are welcome to excuse yourself.

Genres and Genre Blending

Homework for Tuesday, April 7th

  • Bring a rough draft of your first Genre Example. Remember, first drafts do not have to be perfect so don't freak out! I know this seems quick.
  • Make some notes about which of your sources helped guide you to make the decision to choose this genre. Remember, you are going to have to DEFEND the choices you make for your genres. You MUST choose genres that can be supported by the research you found so you can discuss them later.