Everyone should have brought a draft of your genre project for discussion. Lets go around the room and briefly hear what you have begun to work on.


  • Take a moment to reflect on the different ways that we have chosen to represent our topics in this class. Do the various genres selected by your classmates tell you anything about the way we perceive the world around us? What lenses do we use to filter information in our society?

Critical Analysis

One of the goals for your research paper is to explore how your topic describes underlying socio-political attitudes. Today we will practice this kind of exploration by examining some other analyses from these links.

  • Get into pairs and choose one of the links from above.
  • Take notes together on what the site is about
    • What is the subject?
    • Who is the audience?
    • What is being said about the topic?
    • How does this reflect society's attitudes and public opinion?

Be sure to make note of details that you find interesting and that you can relate to the rest of the class. You might think about the observations you made in your Assignment of Integration for POLS and ask yourself how people organize their opinions around these kinds of representations. Are there opposing ways that someone might examine the topic?

Discussion #2

Share with the class your observations and the kinds of analysis that you think would be useful in your own papers.


Continue working on your drafts. Try to pace yourself and get some work done in short intervals.