First Things First!


Peer Review Time!

Tips for Peer Review:

  • Read the piece all the way through, without commenting, first.
  • Make sure to ask your reviewee about things you don't understand!
  • Be sure that any comments are constructive.
  • Use the skills you've learned this semester to help the writer make improvements!
  • After you're done, answer any questions the writer might have for you.

Things to ask your Reviewee about:

  • research log
  • testing your claims! do they hold water?
  • types of argumentation
  • research materials


  • Use your review sheets to continue the writing process!
  • Keep in mind the elements of visual rhetoric as you revise your essay!
    • Think about how you can best represent your claims in your presentation
  • Keep in communication with your presentation group and formulate a plan for how you want to organize and structure your presentation.
    • Be prepared to discuss your plans at your conference Wednesday!