(Final) Freewrite

  • In "The American Scholar," Ralph Waldo Emerson (1837) states that "[t]he office of the scholar is to cheer, to raise, and to guide men by showing them facts amidst appearances. He plies the slow, unhonored, and unpaid task of observation. ...In the long period of his preparation he must betray often an ignorance and shiftlessness in popular arts, incurring the disdain of the able who shoulder him aside."
  • Freewrite today about what this means to you and how it translates to the research and writing you've done for our current project.

  • Now, we're going to practice professionalism through source incorporation!
  • First (in groups), paraphrase material from one of these sources, as designated: Gaming, Marijuana, Education, PEDs, and Drones
  • Next, practice creating a signal phrase with your paraphrase!
    • Remember that signal phrases allow you to incorporate source material by naming the author(s) directly or parenthetically!
    • If you need to refresh your memory, there's a section about this, beginning on page 465, in your EAA text.
  • Finally, we'll share your work as a class and determine what works best and what needs improvement!


  • Submit your anonymous draft to blackboard by midnight tonight.
    • It's your final homework grade!