Research and Writing

This week, you should begin thinking about how to incorporate research & citation into your argument.

Also, you should be experimenting with a website builder (or building your own on Riddler or other server!)

Finally, you should think about formatting and the different ways your writing should follow the conventions of webpages and scholarly articles.

  • The "citation" link above will guide your composition and incorporation of citation in APA style (although you have the freedom to choose another format if you like), but there are differences in that template and the document I expect to appear on your webpage. For example, an abstract is not required for your academic writing in your final portfolio. The example in this link is a template for what my simplified expectations are: A title page and headers in APA format.


  • Submit your References list in Blackboard be the end of the week.
  • Freewriting about your experience with web design
  • Continue research and writing, and email me if you have difficulties!