Anonymous Peer Review!

Before you begin, we need to decide which groups will present on what days.

  • Use the key points from the project description to guide your review:
    • Thesis: What is your central claim? Is it controversial? What is confusing or unclear about it?
    • Audience(s): Who is the essay trying to reach? How does it accomplish this? Does it stray from its intended audience?
    • Rhetorical stance and purpose: What kind of argumentation is used? Is it effective? Does it follow the Argumentative Guide?
    • Organization: How would you describe the flow of the essay? Are there good transitions between paragraphs?
    • In-text & Reference citations: Do they need editing? Are sources incorporated smoothly?
    • Completion: Does the conclusion leave the reader with a new sense of awareness? Does the closing statement encourage further action?
  • You need to address all of these things with specific examples from the draft itself.
  • Include any additional ideas or constructive criticism you'd like to add.
  • You will respond to 2 drafts before leaving. When you leave, I will tell you which thread is yours so that you can use the feedback (along with mine) to revise further!

Review Grid

Anonymity Remover

Don't forget that we have conference times instead of class on Monday!