• Today is your last freewrite for this class!
    • Freewrite today about what benefit freewriting has been for you. Be honest; try to reflect on your experience with writing this semester and what role freewriting has played in that.

Presentation Prep

  • Thinking about audience:
    • Language choices (jargon, slang)
    • Attention (limiting data, participation, etc.)
  • Developing structure:
    • Beginning-Middle-End (clearly define the parameters)
    • Strong finish (avoid rushing through it & make it memorable!)
  • Be the expert:
    • Make eye contact
    • Stick to the main topic (don't get distracted by a sub-point and lose your audience's engagement)
    • Move around; you don't have to stand in one spot the entire 5 minutes!
    • Practice not saying "um"
    • Smile!
  • Let's take a few minutes to brainstorm some ideas about your presentations that can help them stand out.

Editing/Works Cited

  • Please get your works cited list out (or bring it up on your computer) and let me check your work.
    • While I'm going around the class, have your neighbor look at your stuff and see if everything looks good to them.


  • Be prepared for your presentations!
    • Remember to practice your presentation and adjust for time limits, pace, etc.
    • Email me with any questions/concerns so that we can address them before your scheduled presentation - there are no "do-overs"!
    • Section 526 will present on Monday and section 527 will present on Wednesday in Rita's room from 11-12:50. On the day you are not presenting, you will not meet for seminar or composition.
    • Don't forget to visit the FYRC on Tuesday!