• Write freely about the EEA chapter you read over the weekend
    • Logical Fallacies are tricky business! Be sure to include questions in your freewrite that reflect anything you didn't completely understand.


  • I'd like to have you split up into pairs today and each discuss a particular fallacy from the book (or one you found elsewhere, if you're feeling adventurous!).
  • Once you've discussed within your group, I'll ask you to share your understanding (and favorite example) with the class.


  • Take a Critical Look at your Outline

You should have an electronic version of your completed outline uploaded to wiki at the beginning of class under a link called "Writing Project 4"

  • Read over your claims, reasons, and rebuttals. Do you detect any logical fallacies?
  • Exchange electronic drafts with a partner from your writing group. Using track changes, review your partner's claim, reasons, and rebuttals. Evaluate the logic. Do you detect any logical fallacies? How could these be improved? Give your writer some specific feedback.
  • Writers, review your feedback. How can you strengthen your arguments?


  • Reminder: Once upon a Quinceanera Quiz #6 (pp. 237-269) is Wednesday, April 4 in Seminar.
  • REVISE your sentence outline, based on today's discussion. Add 3 sentences that you believe are key issues for your reader to understand regarding the BACKGROUND of your topic. Your sentence outline is now complete. SAVE this document and bring a PRINTED version to class on Wed. This will count as a homework grade; I'll provide feedback on your outline to make sure you're on the right track.
  • Remember, the key to success in writing is brief, regular writing sessions. Using the three sentence you wrote for your outline, compose the background version of the argumentative essay. Include all essential explanatory elements a reader would need to be able to understand your topic. Use the journalist's questions to help you with this: Who? What? Where? When? How? Why? This should be a minimum of three paragraphs. ALL FACTUAL STATEMENTS THAT ARE NOT COMMON KNOWLEDGE SHOULD BE CITED. SAVE this document as Writing Project 4 Draft 1. Bring this section of your paper as an electronic document, preferably uploaded to wiki to class on Wednesday.