• Freewrite today about your goals for this week
    • Do you anticipate any conflicts in your agenda?
    • What do you need to get done in order to finish the semester strong?
    • What help do you need in order to accomplish your goals?

Feedback Discussion Day!

  • Review Complete Draft Grading Procedure
  • Individual discussion about revisions
  • Wrapping this thing up!
    • The end is almost here ;)

Editing/Works Cited

  • While I'm going around the class, have your neighbor look at your stuff and see if everything looks good to them.
    • Focus on the details (grammar, punctuation, MLA style, etc.), but don't try to pinpoint every single thing; look for things that are consistent errors so that you can discuss the bigger editing issue that should be addressed before the deadline.
    • Use your works cited list (if you have it electronically, bring it up on your computer) and check your (or your neighbor's) work with the The Purdue OWL.


  • Bring your presentation materials to class on Wednesday for one last opportunity to collaborate during class time.