Sean is sick today! Meet in Rita's room at 11am for Seminar!


  • Freewrite about the two other kinds of argumentation that you read about for homework: Evaluations and Causal
    • Consider some of the key advantages of each form of argument
    • Apply these strengths to your topic and research
    • Consider whether these are effective ways for you to construct your argument

Discussion & Application

  • Let's talk about how these forms of argumentation apply to your topics.
  • Continue working on claims:
    • Remember to keep them debatable.
    • Try to get three solid claims completed today (one of each of those discussed today and an additional claim of your choice). You can round out the reasons that support the claims on your own time, so focus on phrasing the claims appropriately, using good qualifiers.
  • Once you've composed these, try to write down some possible refutations of your claims.
  • Use your remaining time to compose rebuttals to these refutations!

Begin Drafting! Rough Draft is due one week from today!


  • Read Chapter 13 in EAA