• Write about the assigned homework reading, Ch. 15
    • What about presenting argument is most important to you?
    • What kind of medium seems like it would work best for your topic?
    • How do you plan to prepare for this part of the final project?


  • Get into your presentation groups, if you're working in one.
    • Begin developing a plan (media, style, etc.) and a schedule for putting together the presentation.
    • Elect someone to write out the plan and schedule on wiki. Once you've developed this, each member of the group should copy and then post this to their wiki as well.
  • Sign up for Conferences so that we can discuss your presentations and other stuff!
  • Now do some investigation online for imagery that might fit with your presentation.
    • Remember that presentation images should be cited, like anything else. I would encourage you, instead, to create something based on ideas you've gotten from the internet.
    • Happy brainstorming!


  • Create another Draft of Writing Project 4, which includes your introduction/thesis statement and a paragraph for each main claim from your thesis.
    • Copy and paste from your sentence outline (just the claim) at the top of a new paragraph.
    • Copy and paste one of the reasons, and the sentence describing your evidence from your outline. DRAFT this section of the paper, incorporating academic sources and citations.
    • Create your Works Cited list, listing each source you've cited so far.
    • Bring this as an electronic document, posted to wiki under Writing Project 4 to class on Monday. This will count as a homework grade.
  • Read Chapter 14 in EAA, "Visual Arguments"
    • You do not need to write a reading response for this chapter.