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!!'''Week 11: Multimodal Prep'''

* Websites & %newwin%[[Webpage Rhetoric|Visual Rhetoric]]

* Avoid Entrenchment: conceptualize your 3rd genre!
** what are the conventions of this genre?
** how can you apply the same research from your argumentation to this genre?
** why does this genre suit your (and your audience's) needs?

* Drafting Web Pages (can be %newwin%[[|overwhelming]])

* %newwin%[[|WordPress]] ([[|review]])
* %newwin%[[|wix]] ([[|tutorial]])
* %newwin%[[|weebly]] ([[|pros & cons]])



* Think about incorporating research & editing %newwin%[[|citation]] into your writing.
** Modeling your scholarly writing should rely on sources from your research.

* Continue to research and write about your topic by using the library databases and/or google scholar.
** Try finding out more about your topic by using scholarly encyclopedias (rather than relying on wikipedia and other less scholarly material)
** There are many good sources for these, but Credo Reference is one that you could start with. Use the "databases" tab on the library website and search for Credo there. If you have questions, you still have librarians as resources too! Ask them for help!