• Write about the homework from Wednesday for 5-10 minutes, then we'll discuss.


  • Let's review some common fallacies to be familiar with some ways that argumentation is often undermined.


Let's get some practice organizing an argument:

  • First, get into groups of four.
  • Then, using Chapter 9 of Freddy Dougy, gloss the ideas and answer the questions on the glossing page about the chapter.
    • Freddy makes a specific argument at the end of this chapter. Is it a successful argument? Is it supported by his description of the events leading up to it? Are you convinced?
  • This is the kind of analysis that you'll need to undertake in order to solidify your own arguments. Once you've got some of your argument organized, practice these steps with your own project!


  • Complete a draft of your Research Review. We'll be examining them on Monday!