• Freewrite today about your writing process.
    • Try to reflect on all the different things you've done so far that serve as pieces to the puzzle for your argument.
    • What steps in the writing process have you done the most with?
    • Which activities have been most helpful?
  • Imagine a timeline of your project.
    • How far along the continuum are you?
    • Do you know what to do to get to the end? (Is there an end?)

  • Visual Rhetoric recap
    • Let's discuss Chapter 14!

Rubric Review

  • Take a few minutes to examine the Rubric for your final Writing Project.
    • Add notes to your freewrite about anything confusing, concerning, or unclear that you find in this document.
  • Let's discuss the implications of some of the points!


  • When incorporating your sources into your text, it is helpful to break your important points into "chunks".
  • To do this, you can organize the quoted material that you want to use into a framework similar to this:
    • Begin with your main thought or idea
    • Utilize a quote/paraphrase to support, prove, or document your idea
    • Add sentences that analyze or discuss your thoughts in relation to the documented material.

* By chunking your work this way, you not only give yourself a neat little package of information in which to utilize your source material, you give the reader a comfortable pattern by which they can digest the content of your essay.

  • Use a quote that you have available from the research you've done and build a short paragraph with it, using the chunking method.
    • You should have about 20-30 minutes or so to work on it, so pace yourself accordingly. I'll come around to help out, too.
  • Chunking is usually the last thing I do when I compose a draft in order to use my research to effectively reinforce my ideas. If this technique is helpful to you, use it to strengthen your draft for Wednesday's peer review!


  • Upload an anonymous draft to blackboard by Wednesday for Friday's peer review!
    • This draft will be your final homework grade, so be sure you get it done.
    • The finished project is due in two weeks, so think about where this peer review fits into your schedule of writing.
    • Try to plan ahead to use your feedback effectively!