• Freewrite today about the Visual Argument Chapter from your EAA book.
    • What applies best to your ideas about the presentations for your project?
    • How can you use the information in the chapter to make your presentation successful?

Discussion and Practice rhetoric

  • Find or create (it doesn't have to be perfect, think of it as a draft for your presentation!) an image that you can use to represent one of the claims you've made in your draft.
  • Pair up with someone else and examine each other's image and claim.
  • Check out the Checklist for analyzing images.
  • On your copy, answer the questions from the checklist about the chosen image as you discuss it with your partner.
  • When everyone is done, we'll take some volunteers to present your work to the class!


  • Create your Reflection for your conference on Wednesday or Friday.
    • Print it and bring it with you, along with anything else you'd like to discuss for your upcoming projects!