Did you know?!

"More students are caught cheating in introductory computer science courses than in any other course..." (Marsan, 2010)

Take a few minutes to read through this article

Then, write your response to the questions below...


  • Why do you think this is? Why do students cheat "so much" in introductory programming classes?
  • Why do we care so much? Why don't we just let you work together?
  • Where does collaboration cross the line into cheating? (Is it okay to just LOOK at each other's code to get ideas about how to solve the problem?)
  • What about using the interwebz for help on homework? (Stackoverflow, anyone?) Is that cheating?!
  • Are we sending you mixed messages about collaboration?



Take a few minutes to share your thoughts on the issue with your neighbor.



Let's discuss as a class.