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* %color=#ff6600%[[|Reminder]]%black% of the importance of credibility.
* %newwin color=#ff6600%[[|Reminder]]%black% of the importance of credibility.
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Spend 5-10 minutes thinking about your initial research. What difficulties have you experienced? Focus on what was confusing or frustrating to you and ask yourself what needs clarification.

Now that you have had time to think and write about what gave you trouble, lets discuss what you wrote about. We can spend some time clarifying some of the research process as a class.


%color=#ff6600%[+Peer Analysis+]

* %color=#ff6600%[[|Reminder]]%black% of the importance of credibility.

*Get into groups.
*Switch around your annotated bibliographies and answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper for your partner:
**Do the citations follow the correct format?
**Does the annotation talk about the content of the source '''and''' the author's intended use of the source?
**Are there scholarly sources?
*Note any irregularities that may need to be revised (even if you aren't sure). Give the notes to your partner for them to use in revision.



* Begin the prewriting stage of your feature article.
** Possible prewriting techniques include outlining or clustering, but use whatever works best for you.
** Don't worry about what you don't know yet in terms of your research; focus on your ideas and let that guide the structure of your prewriting.
* Continue to research your topic!