Welcome to 1302!

  • This semester, we will be examining ways of writing that will benefit your academic careers, but also spaces and contexts for writing which will allow you to take your academic writing with you beyond the university and into the real world.
  • We will look over the syllabus and discuss how we will approach those goals in just a minute! First, though, I want to start out by getting to know who you are.
  • Ok, now it's time to get to know the class (or the goals and plans for it)! Lets go over the syllabus and discuss some basic guidelines and the projects that we will be working toward.
  • Finally, let's get prepared for Friday by discussing what you will need to do before then!


  • Even if you were in my class last semester, send me an email. Use your islander email address!!
    • If you've not been in my class before, include in the email:
  1. Your name and major
  2. Your goals for this class
  3. Your outside obligations
  4. Any information I need to know (disabilities, etc.) that you don't want to mention in class
  5. Something unique about you!
    • If you have been in my class before, include in the email:
  6. Your name and major
  7. Your goals for this class
  8. Your outside obligations
  9. Your most interesting discovery ever

Also, we're jumping right into the reading for this semester! Read through Chapter 2 of The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy. DON'T PANIC; it'll take all of five or ten minutes to read that.

See ya on Friday!!