Coming of Age in Mississippi

This book is going to play a large role in your Triad K experience. Your ability to succeed in your triad courses depends on your willingness to engage with it...

  • You will be tested weekly over the content from the assigned chapters. We will also engage in conversations and various other activities involving the text in both Seminar (and Composition.) Be prepared!

The book is available at the university bookstore, Half Price Books, and available online for download.

Let's Be Honest...

  • I know that this would *probably* not be the first book you'd choose to read in your spare time (if you are a "spare time reader" in the first place)...BUT you're going to have to keep up with the readings to do well. And, honestly, this book is pretty AMAZING! :)
  • You have to read Chapters 1-3 by Thursday.
    • That's 45 pages to read/understand...
  • What's your plan?
  • Tips from someone who's done this a lot:
    • Keep a sheet of paper in the book as your bookmark! As you read, write down the names of the various characters, places, dates, etc. on the sheet of paper so you have it for reference.
    • Highlight certain pages that you had a strong reaction to. Don't be afraid to use the margins of the book to write your thoughts in!
    • Try to avoid reading it all at once! Giving your brain time to unconsciously reflect helps you make deeper connections between ideas in the narrative. It's true! :D