Round One

Welcome to fortyTwo, Inc.! You have each been assigned to a team to complete a small task for a large software project.

TrillianReina, Tamara, Julia, RandallJiselle, Kassandra, Gabriella, Noah, Ethan
FordFelipe, Brady, Jaime, Alejandro, JaredChristofer, Mohit, Peter, Brandon, Marcus
MarvinAlex, Robert, Walker, AdrianDarren, Jacob, Ryan, Michael
SlartibartfastBen, Davis, Stevie, ChrisGibby, Grant, Alejandro, Zach, Matt

Work with your team to create the pseudocode/flowchart for your assigned problem!

Round Two

Write the code for the function that has been provided to you in pseudocode/flowchart format! Once you have your function working, post the code for it HERE.

Online C++ Compilers and Pasting Sites (make sure to select C++ as your language):

Round Three

Let's test your code!


  • Did we have any communication breakdowns?!
  • What was harder? Designing or coding? (Who gets paid more?!)
  • Value-returning functions: What do you do with the values?
  • How does this relate to your Team Coding Project?