If your grade is not posted it is for one of three reasons:

  1. You didn't turn it in
  2. You uploaded files that I was not able to read (this could be because of the computer I was working on this afternoon, but I emailed you if that was the case. I will try again from my home computer tonight and email again if it works)...or
  3. I graded it and forgot to enter the grade in my gradebook.

If you are a #1, I'm sorry but I can't help you. The deduction for lateness, at this point, is probably not worth the effort it would take to get it to me. This does not mean you cannot still pass the class, so come see me about what your options are.

If you are a #2, we'll work it out, don't worry.

If you are a #3, or think you are a #3, please email me as soon as possible...I am fairly certain that I graded a couple of physical portfolios that aren't reflected here; if it's my fault, i apologize and, again, we'll work it out, don't stress.

Thanks for working with me, as I have been stretched fairly thin the last couple weeks. Have a good weekend and work on your research (so you don't have to waste your spring break catching up, of course).