Each Writing Group will be responsible for facilitating discussions of an assigned reading(s) during the semester. This does NOT mean that you will summarize it for the class, or "present" the reading, as you might with a book report.

Facilitation means that you are helping others to think critically about the assigned reading, either through a discussion or an activity (a game, a debate, a video clip, writing, etc.). This activity should last about 15 minutes, and should be engaging, interesting, and creative.

Each group will meet with me before you facilitate a discussion. You should have already read the assigned reading, and should have already met (outside of class time) to decide what you want to do for your facilitation. These meetings can be held during my office hours, before or after class, by appointment, but you need to schedule with me in advance. During this meeting, we'll iron out any details--like needs for technology or equipment. The next week, your group will facilitate the discussion.

You must complete an evaluation of your group's work on this project. You must turn the Group Evaluation Form the day you present. The grade for your facilitation will be based on my rubric? and upon your self evaluation and those of your peers; therefore, not all members of the group will receive the same grade--that will depend on your participation in the Facilitation.

If you have trouble with group members, talk to me sooner rather than later. I can always move people to other groups if necessary.

Grades for Discussion Facilitations will be based on the content and presentation of your group's discussion, and the evaluations your group submits. Discussion Facilitations will count as TWO homework grades.