Well so much to do and sometimes i feel like there is not enough time to complete it. Have school, trainng, and work. and comin to class and havin to do and read good writting causes me to think about different things which helps out. The artcial that was read during class can be considered a good and bad writing good because it gives the reader a entire different perspective about twitter. For instance i have never used twitter turns out it is a website that give comments about peoples perspectives about topics that are posted up. This may be aa wat for people to give and talk about they points of views about any topic. Some may be considered useful while other can not. Twitter is a place where a person can speak there mind. Some writtings may be considered good writting while other can be consider bad. Some may be humorous and others may be confusing since Tweets are not very long. Anyhow Good writing and bad writting can be judge differntly depending on the person who is reading it . i believe that writting is a way to express ones self and a person should write depending on how the feel. For instence shakespher is a type of writing that most peole enjoy but from my perspective.