Well i have to say im very glad this is my last portfolio of the semester. This portfolio 3 was probably one of the easier ones, but was still difficult. Ive been stressing somewhat thoughtout this portfolio, just because i want it to be over with. However, i feel like i did a very good job on it and am very happy with my work.

So my main document was my argumentive essay. In this argument i tryed to plead my case that the game of basketball has drastically changed over the years, and it has for the better of the game. I think the game is much more entertaining and interesting now that we have these amazing athletes. For my works cited page, i just cited my sources and websites that i used to gather my information for the argument. These websites helped me out a great deal for my paper.

With my two genre examples i wanted to help show people a little bit of what im arguing. For my first example, i used two youtube videos. One showing the best player in today's game and the other showing the 50's best player. The videos make it obvious that there is a huge difference in the way the game is played now a days. For my second genre, i wrote a short story on how the culture of the game has changed, because of the 1966 NCAA Championship basketball game. With that short story, it helps explain how the game has become what it is today.