Everyone knows exactly what these pictures represent. Video surveillance. This has become part of our everyday lives. You can't go many places without finding these guys watching your every move.

So, does this mean that our private lives are becoming more public? This is a question that people are asking themselves now-a-days.

Video surveillance technology has definitely come a long ways and has helped catch many criminals in the past few decades. The advances in this type of technology are truly incredible.

When surveillance-type cameras were first introduced, the video quality was not the sharpest. The first security cameras only showed pictures every 3-5 seconds and were in plain black and white. Now, there are cameras that film just as if you were recording a movie, but are these cameras being used for their original purpose?

Places like California are under close eye as the governement moves "quickly to install video surveillance cameras on public streets and plazas without regulations." (ACLU) Some americans feel that this is being done without any consent from the people.

Consent or not, these cameras are showing up basically on every street corner across the nation. The government has taken it a step further than people anticipated, but with that being said, so has Google.

The Google Earth software was launched in June of 2005. This was really something that gave america a different perspective upon camera and satellite imaging. Google Earth is basically a "bird's-eye view of the world." (Layton, Strickland, Bryant) You can download this software from Google.com and it is open to anyone with a computer and the internet.

Google also inroduced a program named Google Sky in August of 2007, which allows you to view the solar system and much more. This Google software proves the huge advances in modern camera technology and how it can be used in our world today.

As far as video camera technology, speaking on behalf of google and the government, the technology now-a-days is incredible. If you were to tell someone from the 50s that 60 years from then we would be able to view your house from space, they would not believe you for a milisecond.

There are not many major issues with Google Earth, but some people feel as if it infringes there space. Also, some theorist believe that it may be helping terrorists plan their next big attack, but as far as I am concerned, this new technology just blows my mind.

All in all, new video technology is being used like crazy across the globe. It is helping and possibly hurting each and every country, but what we have transformed it into (Google Earth/Sky) can also be used for learning and research purposes that are truly beneficial to society. Security cameras included, they have been beneficial in many situations.

As far as security and surveillance type cameras in society, I believe that they are necessary and are definitely helpful for many situations, whether youre dealing with traffic violation or a robbery.

I am definitely for the advancement of security-like camera and for being able to try and control a little bit of societies urges against the law.