Annotated Bibliography


For detailed instructions on how to compile an Annotated Bibliography, visit the Owl Writing Lab link.


  • Your Annotated Bibliography document and entries must follow MLA conventions.
  • You must include a minimum of 12 entries. If you wind up finding/needing more sources, I encourage you to include them.
  • A minimum of 8 of your sources must be either from books in the Bell Library or accessed through ILL or peer reviewed, scholarly journal articles.
  • All other sources must be rigorously analyzed for credibility. If you locate newspaper or magazine articles via the Bell Library databases, you can be relatively assured that your source is credible. If you conduct "google based" searches for web sites, you must PROVE that the website is credible and necessary within your annotation. I strongly encourage you to limit your sources to only those you access via the Bell Library databases or card catalog.
  • The annotations for this bibliography should be brief. In five to six sentences, please describe the following:
    • The main points of the article or chapter.
    • Identify whose perspective is being represented in the article or chapter. (Is the author "for" or "against" the issue? Is the author primarily focusing on one way of examining the issue...for example, does the author represent a psychologist's take on the issue vs. someone from the law enforcement community?
    • How did you locate the source? If you did not use the Bell Library to locate this source, you must write an additional sentence explaining how you determined that the web site or source is credible.
  • You must represent multiple perspectives in your annotated bibliography.

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