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[++Today you are going to focus on Slides #3-6 of your %newwin%[[Attach:spring2018caseStudyRubric.docx|case study presentation]]:++]

* [++'''Slide 3:''' Introduce your case study, provide background info (w/citations!), and connect it to the ethical dilemma++]

* [++'''Slide 4-6:''' Select 3 of the 4 different ethical theories we've discussed this semester. For each of the three theories you select, define the theory and then create a %newwin%[[MakingArguments|VALID logical argument]] that applies the theory to your case study++]

[++If time permits: ++]

* [++'''Slide 7:''' Which of the three ethical theories provides the most logical solution? (In other words, which argument is most sound?) Include a few benefits of the ethical theory suggested by %newwin%[[Quinn|Quinn (2013)]] to support your argument.++]

* [++'''Slide 8:''' Identify two criticisms of your chosen ethical theory suggested by %newwin%[[Quinn|Quinn (2013)]] and provide responses to them.++]