Before we begin...

  • We need to all have a good understanding of the term PROGRESSIVISM
  • Get into groups (based on my instructions)
    • As a group, define "progressivism" in ten words or less
    • Class definition?


What is Eugenics? (Clip!)

  • We had a Eugenics Movement?! (What does that even mean?)
    • How is eugenics "progressive"...?
    • How do we decide who is "fit" or "unfit" to reproduce?
  • How do you control who can reproduce? (And who gets to decide?)
  • Here are some interesting pictures from the American Eugenics Movement Archives

Okay, but what about primary sources?

  • Before we start: What's a primary source again?!
  • Let's go to the Triad M Library Guide to see what we can find about Eugenics!

Who were the supporters of this movement?

I've given each of you a picture of a famous American figure from this era. It is your job to decide whether or not he/she would have been in favor of eugenics! Be able to justify your decision!

Making Connections?