Multiple Choice

  • Each question will cover fundamentals of the Sociological "toolkit"
  • Similar in format as your Reading Quizzes in Seminar...


  • The essays should be in ESSAY format with MULTIPLE paragraphs...(yes, include paragraphs, please!)
  • Write as much as possible to prove what you know! Focus on telling a complete, accurate, and detailed "story" based on evidence from the lecture and readings!


  • "A" exams can articulate multiple points of the theories or concepts presented on the exam.
  • "C" exams can identify the main points of the theories or concepts presented on the exam, but include no development of ideas.

What is Dr. Araiza looking for?

When it comes down to it, she wants you to be able to use the information you've been presented in class to analyze issues related to the sociological imagination "like" a sociologist (using sociological terms)

So...let's practice that!

  • Get into groups based on my instructions!
  • Each group will have a topic we've discussed from lecture and your readings. Use all of your resources to write as much information about your topic as possible! You'll be needing it today and for study purposes!
  • Battle!
    • I'll choose a topic at random and the groups with that topic will be responsible for sharing their findings
    • Let's put all this together!
    • This process will continue until we've either run through all of the topics or we're out of time!

Postscript: What the heck should you put on your notecard?